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GPS Data, Ouachita National Recreation Trail Thru-hike, Spring 2005
    A Garmin Geko 201 handheld GPS was used to collect a variety of location waypoints and trail routes. After the trip, the several data "clean-up" actions were taken. The clean-up included modifying the routes were so that they intersect waypoints known to be on the trail (such as the milepost waypoints), and clarifying the waypoint descriptions. I use the ExpertGPS software from TopoGrafix ( to display and modify the routes and waypoints.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that that the GPS data presented here is accurate. The water information (stream, dry vs. wet crossing, etc) is seasonal and weather dependent and can be greatly different for your trip. Do not rely on this data for your wilderness navigation or for your water resupply planning. (See OT Water Issues)

     Trail route data was recorded with the GPS "track" mode while walking with the GPS lying on top of the backpack. Therefore, parts of the collected routes can be inaccruate due to weak or lost GPS signal. The Ouachita Trail Guide by Tim Ernst (very highly recommended for anyone hiking the Ouachita Trail), divides the trail into ten sections. The GPS route data contains twelve routes, the first ten align with the ten trail sections from the Tim's guide book. Route 10 (section 10 from the guide book) is divided into two halves. The batteries on my GPS ran out while hiking this section, and no data was recorded until I put new batteries into the unit. The eleventh is the route from mile 74.3 to Lori creek, which I followed to get water when I could not find the Tan-A-Hill Spring. (See OT Water Issues.) The last is from the trail to the mile 206.8 designated campsite.

     The milemarker, trailhead, trailjunction, creeks, roads, camping location (fire rings), toilets, potable water, telephone, etc. waypoints were collected while stopped, with the GPS handheld held in front of me and centered over or very near the object. I believe the waypoint data is more accurate than the trail route data.

The GPS data are available in either the *.loc (TopoGrafix) format or the *.gpx (GPS Exchange File) format by select one of the following links.

In TopoGrafix (*.loc) format      In GPS Exchange File (*.gpx) format

All content on this site, including images and text are ©Eric Strong/Eric Strong Photography. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction or use, including copying, screen capturing, or saving, of the digital images and text is authorized. The GPS data available on this site can be used for personal, non-commercial use and is provided without warrantee or guarantee of accuracy. DO NOT RELY ON THIS GPS DATA FOR WILDERNESS NAVIGATION!!!