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Youth Sports Teams

Low resolution, compressed, web copies of the following team's images are now available for your viewing:

No images are currently available.

Photographic quality copies of these images are available for purchase.

Two different types of prints (standard and custom) are available. The standard print is a 4"x6" photographic print made without any cropping or digital touch-ups. The standard print is cropped as previewed on this web site. The custom print is a photographic print which is cropped as needed and includes digital touch-ups. The custom print is available in different sizes and in several packaged assortment of sizes.

  Standard 4"x6" print of a single image: $5 for the first copy, $1 for each additional copy
  Two custom 5"x7" prints of a single image: $15 for the pair.
  Other Custom sizes and packages.

To purchase, send an e-mail to Eric Strong with the name of the image file(s) from the web preview, the quantity, and for each selected image whether you want a standard print or custom print. For a custom print, please specify the print size or print package number. Also, please include your telephone number. You can also order by telephone by contacting Eric Strong at 972.238.8911.

You can use the web preview pages to help you order. Select "Approved" from the feedback tab below the preview image for the images you wish. After selecting all the images select "E-Mail feedback" and complete the e-mail with the quantity, type (standard or custom), and size/package for the custom prints.

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